Tuesday, 25 October 2011

If I was a character in a book.....

I have been reviewing books for The Circle for about  a year now. What a great experience it has been!! The Circle is such a  smart, funny show, and I loooooooove Chrissie Swan, so it is such a  delight to pretend I am like, totally, actually part of the team.

Each month, they send me a book, I read it and send back my review and a pic of me with the book. Most of my reviews and pics have even made it to air...
book from the top are: Calebs Crossing, Last Summer, Cuckoo, Before I Go To Sleep, Left Neglected, The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, One Day
Reading has always been such a huge part of who I am. I love to know that I am the kind of person who always has a book in their handbag.... well, now that's a lot easier since my Lovely Husband gave me a Kindle.

Ah, Kindle, where have you been all my life?? With your awesome page-turny button that I just have to touch ever so slightly with one finger... I barely have to move. Me, who has ben turning pages MANUALLY and holding books open until my hand cramps into a claw FOR YEARS! Like some kind of animal....

So as well as my latest book club read The Hypnotists Love Story, in the last few weeks I have read:

Bossypants by Tina Fey
You'll Be Sorry When I am Dead by Marieke Hardy
Under the Dome by Stephen King
Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Two inspiring, hilarious (and in Marieke's case, very, very naughty) autobiographies and two books by one of my enduring favourites.
If you asked me who my favourite author was (and you totally are, right?) I would say John Irving. Hands down. Closely followed by Armistead Maupin.... but Mr King has been with me for a looooong time.

 I first read Carrie when I was in Grade Five. Yes, Grade Five. I was ten. And it messed me up good and proper. I NEVER should have been reading that book at that age (YES, Mum, you told me not to, and I did it anyway!!!) That is NOT the book for an early developing pre-adolescent girl to read!!

But it also sparked my love for Stephen King's incredible books. While, sure, they can be crazy and gross and totally unbelievable, the reason I love him so is for his character development. Characters that stay with you, that are real and full and deeply drawn. Characters like Nick Andros from The Stand and  Ray Garraty from the lesser know Long Walk. I heart those guys.
SO, any book addicts out there- Who is your most loved book character? Is it that perennial favourite Holden Caulfield (lone gunmen need not apply....) or maybe little Scout from To kill a Mockingbird. Or Garp

I hope somebody's favourite is Garp......

x Gillian


  1. I always have a book on the go - still. No matter how busy/tired. At the moment I'm reading A Private Life - Michael Kirby. I'm a FAN. About this Kindle business... whoa. Touching, smelling, turning those pages even on crowded commuter buses (grrrr - animal page turner alert)is all part of a lovely and familiar experience. I'm scared of Kindle. I've seen Kindle on the bus. Kindle reminds me of when I finally let go of my HUGE LP collection to the Salvos - for CDs (bypassed cassettes altogether - just couldn't cope!)

  2. I hear you Marg. I felt the same before I got my Kindle. The physicality of books is still very important to me, and I have quite decided how i feel about not having cover art, or pages to dog ear, or knowing that I love a book when its cover falls off from being reread so many times..... but the kindle always weighs the same- it always fits in my bag and it doesn't give me a hand cramp!!

  3. Yes, booooks. Love books. On characters from books, how about Gordon from Praise and 1988? He is such a star for all the wrong reasons. I read Zigzag Street hoping Gordon would show up and start pushing everyone around.

  4. My enduring memory of Praise is eczma, smoking and messed up sex.... Zig Zag street and Praise were definitely two alternate reality Brisbane's!!

  5. Lol Damian lived in Zig Zag Street...


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