Friday, 11 November 2011

Art Therapy Part 3

So, in Art Therapy Part 1, I talked about how the process of hand drawing intricate, swirly flower designs is kinda like a drug for me... it calms me and makes my brain short circuit and stop thinking. And this is a good thing.
Then, in Art Therapy Part 2, I showed how I refined the design and uploaded it to my Spoonflower page and then refined it some more.

Black and White Flowers

NOW, I have finally received the actual, physical, in-my-hand fabric!! Yippee! I hate waiting for fabric to arrive. I know it's gonna take ages but I still have a sad little hope every day that it's gonna arrive. And then it doesn't. And then I wait. 

But then, the fabric does arrive!! And that is awesome. Except then I have to find something else to obsess over..... 

Like, why are the TV channels replaying movies so quickly after they have just been on? Evil Angels was on like 2 months ago!! So was Chocolat! And Fun with Dick and Jane seems to be a weekly event! Do they think we are stupid and that we don't notice?? 

Oh, and do the makers of Days of Our Lives reeeeaaallly think we haven't noticed that the actor who is currently playing Roman Brady played Chris Kosichek (brother of the Salem Strangler) in the eighties??? IT'S THE SAME DUDE! Do they not know we have been watching Days of Our Lives since we were 8 and our mum's pretended they weren't watching it when we got home from school????

Hhhhhmmmm........ I think I need to design more fabric. Or watch less TV.... 
Anyway! I think I may make a small evening size wristlet bag outta this special fabric. I am really happy with it and will definitely be ordering some more. 

Oh, and did it I mention it is totally for sale in my Spoonflower Shop? No? Well, IT IS!

x gillian


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