Sunday, 27 November 2011


I am having a crisis of faith.
Faith in myself. 
I wonder... just what the hell do you believe in? 
What do you stand for?

And if it's not yourself, 
then what?

What do I believe?
I don't believe in God.
I believe in Television and in Film.
I believe in stories and books and imaginings...
I don't believe in lies.

I believe in pride.
I don't believe in Xenophobia.....
Or Nationalism.
I don't believe in ignorance,
Though I believe I am ignorant on many subjects.
I don't believe in being an asshole about a subject
Of which you are intrinsically...

I believe in the Universe.
I believe that some of us are new on this planet..
And some of us have been here many times before.
I believe in ghosts and aliens and spirits.
I believe in things I have never seen,
And don't understand.
I don't believe in John Edwards.

I believe in History.
I believe in knowledge.
I believe in shutting up
And I believe in speaking up.

I believe Kyle Sandilands is a cockhead.
And that Peter Serafinowicz is a funny, funny bastard.
I believe in the power of comedy
And the danger of reality.

I believe in love.
And the Universe's ability to provide it.
I believe in marriage.
believe in my marriage.
I believe in friendship.
And commitment.
I believe in family
And my commitment to them.

I believe in risk.
I support living on the edge....
Or the fringe.
I believe in experiences.
Kick Ass experiences.
And safety....
believe in safety and security.
believe in solid ground and defined parameters.
I totally frickin' believe
In feeling safe.

believe in art.... and beauty... and light and colour....
I believe in dreamers and thinkers and jesters.
I believe in creating
(but not Creation)

I believe in my talent.
I just don't believe in my identity.

x gillian


  1. Gilly, I believe in many of the things you have outlined. My big one... empathy... without it, life must be very sour. Don't worry too much about your identity... you are who you are who you are... in my opinion... you are extrodinarly fabulous!

  2. Cheers Marg. Just trying to figure stuff out x


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