Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stubby Cooler Craft

As I mentioned the other day, (for those of you paying attention) I love to make my own Christmas Paper. I love the organic, bespoke feel of it. And it's free. I like free stuff. 

I don't have anything against store-bought paper. Some years, I use it, and love to make all the presents match. It does make me nuts when presents wrapped in OTHER PEOPLE'S PAPER appear under my tree and ruin my aesthetic. I have been know to try and force my mum and sister to use the same paper as me, so ALL the presents match. 

They have been know to say, "Have you taken your medication today?"

SO, while the crazy lunatics where asleep the other day,

(SIDE NOTE: How do you stop 2.5yo's from CLIMBING ON TOP of their chest of drawers, which is over twice their height?!? And how do u stop 2.5yo's from eating the cat's food*? And how do u stop 2.5yo's from peeling the paint OFF THE FRICKING WALL? I know the answers to these questions, I just can't believe I have to ask them in the first place!!!!)

Anyway, while the sweet little angels were sleeping, I taped down a bunch of Ikea paper and got to it.
The green chevrons may look a little wonky here, but that's part of the cuteness of handmade stuff, isn't it?
(How cute are my toes. My husband says I have hobbit feet. Mean.)
To contrast with the green chevrons, I decided to do some red spots. And what better stamping tool to make spots is there than a Stubby Cooler? I know, I am totally awesome and unequivocally Oz. Mate.

Again, I think the messiness, and irregular nature of the spots works really well.
Add some grosgrain ribbon from the craft cupboard and some simple gift tags (created in Illustrator and printed out) and you have some pretty cute presents!! I have a few more to buy yet, so my shelf will look lovely and full! And matchy match match matching! 

(I promise I'm not a total jerk who loses it if the presents don't match.... And I totally don't care when the remote controls aren't lined up parallel on the arm of the couch... And who cares if  my Owl Collection is out of alignment and needs to be rearranged every day? NOT ME)

My fabric bunting adds the final touch to my gift shelf, don;t you think? Notice the presents are not under the tree. They are on top of a high book shelf. I think we all know why....
 X Gillian

* I don't let the boys eat cat food. On purpose. Kidding. Sort of.


  1. I love it! And I'm still being eaten by the grinner. He's now crawling after me as I try to get distance to finish this comment. I need the super twins to protect me!

  2. 'The Grinner' sounds like a Batman villain...The Super Twins will save you!!!


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