Saturday, 28 January 2012

I think I am a test guinea pig....

This week had been tough. The monkeys and I have been virtually house bound due to the sucky, sucky rainy weather. 

So, it seems the boys have been experimenting with how far can they push Mummy before she starts drooling and rocking in the corner. So far, results must have been inconclusive, as they seem to be upping the ante on their experiment with such tests as:

- What will mummy do if I bite my brother ON THE FOREHEAD?

-Is the pain worth it to see how high Mummy jumps when I slide nude across the wet bathroom floor and crack my head on the tiles?

- Just how many times can I say "Please Mummy Darling" before she will relent and let me eat the cat's food?

- Is it possible to throw every single toy I own on the floor while Mummy is trying to talk on the phone? While my brother is screaming?

- Do I need sleep? Really? Standing at the bedroom door shouting, "Daddeeeeeee" for 45 minutes is awesome.

- How many times in a 24 hour period can we watch 'Shrekky Babies.'

AND the final, most important step of the experiment:

- What will Mummy do when, during our Saturday morning swimming lessons, she realises I have had a 1" diameter button shoved up my nose FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG?!?

Oh my goodness, indeed. Why don't they serve hard liquor at the Sam Riley Swim School??? 

I need a nap.

X Gillian


  1. You need a medal

  2. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh hehe. Not sure how else to type a chuckling giggle. Enough chlorine in your guts will get ya high. Just open your mouth.

  3. So now do you feel waht those guinea pig feels when they've been used as for experiment and study?

  4. I feel rather bad that some of these made me chuckle .... having problems understanding why a button would be shoved up a nostril though


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