Saturday, 4 February 2012

Writing with your hand

Let's talk about handwriting. I love handwriting. I love MY handwriting. It rocks. 

I worry that my Awesome Teenager may lose the art of handwriting, with all his texty, internet-yness. 

I worry that he will write like a 10 year old boy his whole life. I worry that he may meet the perfect girl, who loves him and thinks he is as awesome as I do (heaps),  but she will leave him because his writing looks like it should be written on a piece of yellow posterboard, next to stuck on tracings from the Encyclopedia Britannica, with a bubble writing heading that says, "My Project About Bauxite.".....

No, I actually don't worry too much. Shut your faces.

Maybe it doesn't matter if the next generation loses their handwriting. I'm sure there was uproar when children no longer wanted to write on slates and their parents were all like, "Oh, paper. Writing on paper now, are you? LIKE SOME KIND OF CRAZY FUTURE MAN! This will kill the written word. How can we express ourselves if it is not with chalk! And a wet rag! For when You make a mistake...."

Handwriting. I love it so much, I created a font of my own. Which is like an awesome combination of tactile, handcrafted art and uber-tech future stuff. Like me.

Handwriting. Don't let it die. Write it. And if you need to do a project about Bauxite, don't write like a blind monkey... you're future wife might see it!!

Today I am linking up with Eden (OZ Blogging Superstar) in.... 

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade
Neigh, indeed.


  1. I love that you can make your own font, which by the way it a pretty cool font

  2. Your handwriting is gorgeous!!!

  3. Thanks man. It was lovely to meet u in person today!!


    Your wit and candour and smartz .... and your HANDWRITING IS AWESOME! Gillian thank you so so much for linking up! I also love your blog header. And the obvious love you have for your son.

    That is all.

    XXXX eden

  5. My pleasure- and thank you so much Eden for visiting and for saying lovely things!!! YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!!!
    .....Holy shit.. i think I just wet my pants a little!


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