Saturday, 21 January 2012

Order in the house

I do like order. I like the chaos of creation, only when followed by a good dose of tidy-uppy sorty- outy order!!

Sometimes I feel like I am not the Yellow Wiggle in the Big Red Car. (He is the driver. He is in control. I would have asked for an additional chauffeur's salary if I was Sam, but whatevs). 

Sometimes I feel that the universe is jerking me around, that I am not in control.

But I can control the buttons. And the remote controls and the owls and the books and the toys. I can make my home and my mind make sense. I can calm my thoughts with repetition and peaceful order.

No, I am not crazy- Thanks so much for asking, though! I think we all have a little OCD in us... some of us just look after a whole other cities OCD quotient as well as our own. Seriously though, how can you not love all those toys in their own little spaces? Look at how happy Upsy Daisy and the Tombliboo look!

They are saying, "Holy Shit, you are rad Gil! Can we watch you sort all the remote controls in the house into size order!?!"

Of course you can, freaky little creatures. Of course you can.

Are you a control freak organiser?

x gillian


  1. I love I love!!! This is me totally.... And the toys are having a freaking awesome time, who wouldn't??? Xxx Anne

  2. You didn't get it from your mother that's for sure tee hee

  3. Have you seen that website where people post photos of arranged things?

  4. NO! That sounds awesome! Do u know what it's called?


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