Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A new girl and a new owl

This my new creation: The 'Drew' Satchel Bag. How cute is she?? I am so proud of her! She is the first satchel style bag I have tackled on my own and she came out fabulously.

She is for sale over at the Etsy store, but I think I will cry if someone buys her. Cos I love her.
I'm a sucky salesperson, aren't I?
"Please buy my bag... but if you do, I will cry and then you'll feel bad."
Ok, so you can totally buy her, and if you do, I will totally pretend that I am OK with it......

In other News, I have a gorgeous new little Owly fabric available for sale over at Spoonflower.
Spoonflower Fabric starts at just $18 per metre and is totally original. 
And this one has owls on it! Owls are awesome!

Ok, that's enough of the shameless self promotion.

In other, other News, my twins are super cute.


  1. I L.O.V.E. the bag, the fabric, everything! I just checked out your other designs, you are too clever!

  2. Jos, you are my new sewing hero, so I'm so glad you like my stuff!!!

  3. Such a beautiful bag and you mastered it all on your own! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You're so talented! What's her name?

  4. Thanks Silke! Her name is Drew. She reminds me of Drew Barrymaore a bit. :-)

  5. Ohh I love her! Great job. I can't sew. Can't sew straight to save my life. I really admire people who can and who create amazing things like this.


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