Thursday, 9 February 2012

we're all MONKEYS!!!

I have made some new little friends. They have moved in over at the Etsy Store. 

They are like a gang. A posse. A troop. A barrel. That is the ACTUAL term for a collective of Monkeys. A Barrel of Monkeys. Awesome.

I like monkeys. Not as much as my brother-in-law Tom- he reeeaalllly likes monkeys. Not in a weird way. He just likes them, OK?

How great is the film 12 Monkeys? Brad Pitt's performance is fabtastic. I love his crazy character, Jeffrey Goines. I love time-travelly stuff in films and Bruce Willis is a top bloke. Also, have you noticed that Brad Pitt does a little bit of Goines in every movie he makes? All of a sudden, in the middle of Ocean's Whatever, he gets that insane look in his eye and I'm waiting for him to say, "We're all MONKEYS!!"
Sally Field is the same. Every movie, all of a sudden, BANG- she's Sybill. Creepy. I have even seen a little bit of Sybill come out in old repeats of The Flying Nun!

As previously mentioned, I was a huge fan of Monkey in the eighties. I don't understand why he was a monkey, or why he was born from an egg on a mountaintop... But, holy shit we loved that stupid show.

And in other monkey news, did you know that Liquid Paper was invented by the mother of Mike Nesmith (the one in the beanie) from the Monkees? Yes it was. The Monkees were probably the first 'manufactured' band. They were like the Spice Girls without the big shoes and the annoying ginger. Oh, and Monkees lead singer Davy Jones invented the Internet. I think. Maybe not. Whatever.
Ok, back to MY monkeys, they are totally available for sale and they have cute names and lovely manners. They always say please and thank you. Unlike Sally Field. She's just rude.


  1. Cute! I always loved that the correct term was a barrel of monkeys. So cool.
    And 12 Monkeys is awesome. Although, Fight Club is my Brad Pitt movie.

  2. Thanks Becky! Yes Yes- Fight Club is one of my all time favourites. Tyler Durden is like a non-cross-eyed sexier version of Jeffrey Goines.


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