Thursday, 29 March 2012

Embroidery Hoop Tshirt Art

Today I finally finished a craft project that I have been planning for ages. It's a great way to display memories!!
So, the first thing is to grab some Tshirts you don't wear anymore. I used two shirts of Gav's and one of mine- all too small for us and languishing in the wardrobe. All of them have sentimental value- I bought the Beatles shirt on Carnaby St in London in 2010 when we were there with my lovely extra sister Angela. Gavin used to wear the mermaid shirt all the time when we first stated going out. Hugs not Drugs was his shirt of choice when the babies where born. It reminds me of him in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, in a huge recliner chair, feeding one of our tiny babies through a nose drip.

OK, so now you have your shirts, get some embroidery hoops. I got mine from Spotlight- they are just a few dollars each. You may have to stop any nearby toddlers from using them as hoola hoops.
Put the shirt between the hoops and tighten the little screw thingy. (Don't LOSE the little screw thingy, like I did, because  it makes the whole process MUCH MORE ANNOYING.)
 Flip it over and cut the excess shirt away. This was emotionally hard to do (I felt like a vandal!!), but if you leave the excess back there, it will be too bulky and it won't sit flat on the wall. 
Repeat with however many shirt you want in your grouping. I have three. Because I only bought three hoops...
I added a little bit of red grosgrain ribbon to the top of the hoops to cover the screwy thingies. I think it looks more finished that way.
So, then all you need to do is grab some sticky hooks (which, lets face it will probably fall down tomorrow, because they are evil. Every time I use them I think, no, this will be the time that they DON'T SUCK.)
 I interspersed the hoops with some Beatles album cover coasters I have been looking for a place for. I love the juxtaposition between Abbey Road and the mermaid...
 The grouping hangs next to one of my paintings- a favourite of Gavin's.
 Old T-shirts, The Beatles and owls may not seem like they would go together, but it works because all of these things mean something to us.

Again, I love this juxtaposition. Funny. Ironic. I'm awesome.

You could also use fabric in the hoops for some inexpensive art. 

So, that's what I've been up to today, how bout you? Do you have a craft project on the go?


  1. They look GREAT Gil!! Clever thing. I love this idea but I can feel your pain about cutting them up. It's funny how a t-shirt can mean SO much.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Deb- and your right- it's a great way to save your memorabilia without the clutter. I think it would be great for concert/ gig T Shirts too.

  3. I love this! Going to do this in Kiara's room! xx

    1. Good idea- I have also done another idea in my Awesome teenagers room, I just stretched a Tshirt of his over a canvas- works a treat too!

  4. Love this idea!! I am going to do this with some of my childrens tees that they have outgrown but still LOVE!! Thanks for sharing !!

    wishing you all the best


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  6. Oh I haven`t seen this post :) It was probably posted when I was sick. I am grateful you featured me and you are super duper amazing . :) Thank you.

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