Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm a finalist!

I am a finalist in a design competition over at Spoonflower this week. I'm fairly loving myself sick about it...

The comp is called 'Urban Sightings'. Designers were asked to use one of the supplied stimulus images to create a fabric design. 

I chose 'Curve':
And this is my design
I wanted to maintain my design style while still referencing the stimulus material. I thought the curve lent itself to hair and a girls curves. I think I want to make myself a skirt out o this fabric!!

I haven't entered a Spoonflower competition in ages, so I was pretty chuffed to reach the top 45 out of over 200 designs. 

And I would be totally in love with anyone who wanted to head over to Spoonflower and vote for my design. 

You just need to go to this page and click on the Urban sightings voting box on the top left hand side
The just click though til you see my design, click on it and save your vote. Easy! You will have to join Spoonflower, which takes about two seconds.

Any votes would be uber appreciated. Good Karma will descend upon you. And you will probably become more attractive, smell better and maybe even get a bit taller....

AND thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. You guys are already gorgeous, tall and sweet smelling x x x


  1. I've put in a vote for your design, wishing you luck. Congrats on making the finals!

  2. Oh Gillian......it is simply stunning! I love, love, love it!!!! You are one very clever chicky! On my way to vote now!

  3. Absolutely beautiful design. Love the colours!! Congratulations - I will most definately vote for you!!

  4. Gosh you're talented. I'm SO envious. xo


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