Thursday, 12 April 2012

Clean Toddlers

SO, my babies are crazy. And they are not babies anymore. They are fully functioning, insane lunatics. They are Three. They get very dirty.

So, Gil, how do you keep them so sparkly clean and fresh smelling?
Fire Hose?
Industrial Washing Machine?
Painting over the dirt and spraying them with Febreeze?
Why, Thank You for asking, Internet! The answer is..
All of the Above!

Calm down, don't freak out.. I don't fire hose my children.. well not the little ones. That Awesome Teenager has to be kept in line somehow!!

As the twins get older, bath time is getting more fun and more demented all the time.
 These angelic little faces do not accurately depict the H20 chaos and carnage unleashed at bathtime. I only enter this room wearing a pantsuit made of Handy Paper Towels and some mop booties.
 Super speedy action fingers, Mummy! Man, I hate the feature tile in my bathroom...
Eli says, "Are you lookin' at me? Well, are ya? There aint no one else here, so You must be lookin' at me... Unless, you're lookin' at Japer, cos he kinda looks like me.. so I guess you could be lookin' at him... Whatever...."

And Jasper gives his patented Puss in Boots look that makes unsuspecting adults forget his previous antics and say, "Naawww"
So, Thanks Aveeno Baby, my little monkeys smell of Awesomeness! The Soothing Relief Creamy Wash was lovely and bubbly and didn't make anyone cry. Although, Do you have a product that cleans suds from bathroom ceilings? Just Asking.....

Do you kids love bathtime? Who doesn't!!

disclosure: I was supplied with a sample of Aveeno products to trial on my kids. All opinions and recommendations not to firehose your children are my own.

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