Monday, 23 April 2012


This weekend was chock 'o' block full of lovliness. 
Starting with the twins first 'Big Boy' swimming class (Gav and I are are no longer in the pool with them). They were totally awesome. Their instructor was a cute nanna-type lady called Judith. The twins loved her, even though she was calling them the wrong names all lesson! I told her at the end and she said, "Oh, I thought one of them was a bit deaf!!"

Saturday afternoon saw us at  birthday party for a special little bear called Bruno. I made him his own  bear, which I totally forgot to photograpgh, but luckily I made some for J and E too! They are called 'Dave'. 
Then, Sunday was up to Maleny for my beautiful niece's twelfth birthday. I am so proud of the confident, funny, awesome chick she has become. 

Not so cool end to the weekend- my Lovely Husband banged his head with the lid of the car fridge and ended up with a massive gouge in his noggin and 3 stitches!! 
Poor Fella :-( 

How was your weekend?


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