Saturday, 21 April 2012

Workin' for the Man

So, the other day I was talking about Jobs.
(Not Steve Jobs, that's my Lovely Appleboy Husband's job... to talk about Steve Jobs... He loves Apple.. and Steve. Jobs.)

SOOO, the other day I was talking about Jobs.
(My Lovely Husband's job is being a super smart Cartographic Director Guy. And confusing me with his 'English')

JOBS. I was talking about Jobs.
(When you don't have a job, you watch a LOOOOT of kids TV. And you think WAAAAAY too much about it.)


Well, it's actually my old job, but a mini version of. I decided to go and visit my lovely ex-manager and ask her if I could come back for 2 days a week. And she said yes!

I will miss my little monkeys on those 2 days, but they will be with their daddy having awesome boy-type  fun.

I am so looking forward to being part of that team again. I'm looking forward to consistently financially contributing to my family. 

And I'm totally looking forward to interacting with people do not require me to be involved with thier wees or poos. People who will not throw their lunch at me (hopefully), and people who will converse with me about things other than Puss in Boots and Superheroes. I think these people are called adults...

So, I am now officially back workin' for the man. And I couldn't be happier.
This is my totally professional, awesome work face.

What a difference a few weeks make, hey?

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