Friday, 4 May 2012

Back to Black

Black Pants: Big W
Shoes: Target
Top: Hand me down from Megan (Thanks Mole!)
Necklaces: Diva

This week saw me at a 2 day Training Induction so I can return to work at my old store. Two days spent with a bunch of glamorous cosmetic girls- I felt a little like I had stumbled into a strange parallel dimension of immaculate eyebrows and perfect nails. But they were all super sweet and lovely and it was a fun group to listen to incredibly dry and boring topics like Safety and Shrinkage! 
I have decided I will start a new feature called 
'What I Wore to Work'
In Visual Merchandising, we need to be able to climb ladders, paint walls and lift and carry all manner of crap. So my work clothes are usually comfortable and practical, but with a little bit of style.. in theory! They also get destroyed fairly quickly- especially by me, because I cannot paint without getting covered in it, cannot drill something without tearing a hole in my pants, cannot do ANYTHING without getting schmutz all over me. Hence, I don't spend a lot of money on my work clothes. SO the challenge is to look appropriately professional, a bit cool, be comfortable and not to spend much cash on clothes!! 

This is what I wore to Day One of training. Looking forward to getting rid of some of that ass through lots of running up and down escalators!

I am nervous to be going back to work, but incredibly excited and happy with the decision. I feel confident I am making the right choice for our family. I like that feeling.

SO, Bettina, Lisa, Dizy, and Jas (and the two lovely boys that I don't really know yet, but I am sure are awesome), customers, mannequins, THE UNIVERSE.....

Ima comin'. Get ready, dudes.


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