Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lefty and Righty

My little boys are twins. 
Two of a kind.
They are incredibly the same. 
And absolutely different. 
Eli loves bananas.
Jasper says they are, "Too Yucky"
Jasper goes to sleep without a problem.
Eli often cries out, "Daddeeeee. I need to come with yooooouuuuu"
Both boys love to jump on the trampoline. And off the couch.
Both boys are great swimmers.
Both boys love to draw.
Eli is Lefty.
Jasper is Righty.
In the womb, Jasper was Twin 1.
Eli was Twin 2
Jasper was delivered first.
Eli was delivered second. Breech. Upside down. (show off)
Jasper can be loud.
Eli can be louder.
Jasper can be loudest.
Eli can be ear splitting.

I hope they will always be the same, but different. 
Variations on a theme.
Yes and No.
Black and white.
Light and Dark.
Beatles and Stones......
But I hope they will always remain the firm friends and co-conspirators they are now.
I hope they will always have each others back.
Be each others Go-To-Guy.
Be each others bestest friend.

AND, I don't have the words to explain how in love with these drawings by Jasper. I may get them tattooed on my body.

 That's my Righty.
(Eli was too busy bossing me around, telling me who to draw, in what colour, size and emotion to be bothered creating his own drawings. Again, Different. Lefty is his own man.)

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  1. I LOVE love this. I hope they are everything you wish for them and more. Fabulous.


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