Thursday, 14 June 2012

Elaine, Me and The New Yorker

SO, Elaine Benes drew a cartoon and it was published in the New Yorker.

I drew a flow chart about Stephen King..... and the link was published on the New Yorker online.  And the Paris Review. And countless other blogs, websites and Tumblrs. In the words of Elaine,


So, until this week, my most viewed post had, like 450 pageviews. In about 4 months. This has all happened in less than a week. Totally overwhelming. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a super popular blogger who gets numbers like this all the time! Part of me is actually genuinely freaked out about it all and wants to pretend t never happened. Another part of me feels justified to expect a personal letter form Stephen King at any moment. Inviting me to be in his band.

I am totally blown away and so appreciative of every single viewer and every single comment. I have received one marriage proposal and read countless awesome stories of how people started thier Stephen King journey. I even love the ones who say:
 a) I can't be a Stephen King fan 'cos I haven't read the Dark Tower series

 b)  I'm lame and can't spell. 

My answer to these commenters is :
a) (As I said in my comments the other day) Yes, I can, dude. And when I have read them, I will be a SK fan who has read the Dark Tower Series... It's not a competition or a club to be 'qualified for', is it? It's just a bunch of people reading awesome books that they connect with and love. You are all welcome here. Even if you have only read one Stephen King book. Unless it was 'Cell'. I hated that one.... (hee hee.. just stirring the pot there...)

b) watever dood.

I have learned a lot about the internet and about fandom and about passion in the last few days.

I love how quickly things happen- the internet is like one MASSIVE flow chart that just keeps growing and connecting. It's also scary. In a good way. Like Pennywise. He's terrrifying and will probably eat you, but hey, you might get a free balloon out of it.

I love people who love stuff passionately. I love geeks who know their particular brand of whatever back to front and all the way around. I love learning new things and teaching people new things.

I don't like elitism and exclusivity. It's cool to be fanatical, but it's uncool to be superior. If your self worth is attached to making people who know less than you feel excluded, then you're probably a bit sad. 

AND I have come up with a cool new drinking game. Go and read the comments thread on my Stephen King Universe Flow Chart and take a drink every time someone says 'DARK TOWER'. Holy Shitballs, you'll be drunk before lunchtime.

And if you like, you can also check out my other Flow Charts:

So I am totally finished blowing my own trumpet now. 
Hang on, Doodle Doo Doo Doo Doo! Ok, NOW I am finished.

The world is kinda nuts, isn't it?


  1. OMFG!!!!!! That Blogger page...with the page views.... Its like...surreal... Like clocks should be melting and flaming giraffes should run by.

    I'm going to print it out and superimpose the name of my blog on it. Jk (not really). LOL! Congrats!!! You deserve it :D

    1. Thanks Libby! It is totally surreal. Im gonna draw a Dali mustache on RIGHT NOW!

  2. Gillian! This is fantastic!! I always knew your flowcharts had that special X factor!! If your flowchart was a human it would be like Madonna. Everchanging, sexy and edgy!! There is no going back now. You might need to create a flowchart of pageviews! All 49,326 of them!!

    You are super!!


    1. Thanks man. Thanks for all your flow-charty support!! And you know I love Madonna almost as much as I love flow charts, right?

  3. Love this Gilly... you are one smart cookie

  4. You rock!! Get blowing that trumpet girl, you deserve it! Ya you & all your nerdy fanatical goodness ;) I love your flowcharts - I think I'll have to get you to do one for me one day xxx

  5. Whoa! Stella! STELLA!
    That's pretty amazing, congrats to you.

    1. Ah ha ha! Thanks Kylie and pass me the muscle relaxants!

  6. Wow! That's an awesome number of page views! Well done, well done!
    "It's cool to be fanatical, but it's uncool to be superior. If your self worth is attached to making people who know less than you feel excluded, then you're probably a bit sad." - THAT !!!


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