Friday, 15 June 2012

A Day in the Life...

Me: So, your full name is Jasper Graham James.
Jasper: And YOUR full name is Mummy Mummy Girl.

I chose to adopt this as my new Superhero name. 
"Here comes Mummy Mummy Girl! She will save the day!!"

A Day in the Life of Mummy Mummy Girl involves:

  • Breaking up fights between rival super heroes
  • Leaping over piles of toys and dirty clothes in a single bound
  • Using X-Ray vision to see that there is yet another seed pod shoved up Eli's nose
  • Making vegemite and cheese sandwiches faster than a speeding bullet
  • Seeing into the future and averting falling-off-stuff disasters before they happen (most of the time..)
  • Using her superior mathematical genius to understand that just because there are 2 of something DOES NOT mean that Jasper gets one too. Apparently is means Eli gets 2

Mummy Mummy Girl's kryptonite is bad children's TV. 
Her Super Power Origin story involves flow charts, wine and comfortable shoes.

What are your super powers?


  1. I have to find some vegemite! I have never seen it!

    Hello Mummy Mummy Girl!! My super powers are more teenage oriented. I have to thwart the Late Night Lurker in his never ending quest for the Key of Car. If he succeeds in getting the Key of Car, all humanity is in danger! Really.

    I also have to shovel tons and tons of food into The Eater. The Eater - amazingly(!) - is 6'2" and weighs 150 lbs! I know - that's part of HIS Super Power. He must eat day and night, or he will die. He must eat hot dogs, pizza, mac n cheese, donuts, and milk. And, nothing else. Or, again, he will die.

  2. Oh, Libby it is an acquired taste, but you should definitely try it. We are introduced to it at birth down here, so we all love it! Salty black goodness! I also have a 6' teenager, so I do have another set of super powers: washing super mountains of stinky boy clothes without passing out, super hearing to bust him on the internet at 2am (i can hear those little keyboard clicks a mile away) and master negotiating skills to battle his jedi mind tricks :-)

    1. (OFF TOPIC) I follow Galley Cat on Twitter and THEY just tweeted about the flowcharts!! This is totally none of my business (which never stops me from saying things!), but maybe you should get an Intellectual Property Rights attorney or agent or something. I worry about your ideas getting ripped off and made into, like, giant flowchart shower curtains or something (now there's an idea!) and you not getting paid for it. If you have already done this, sorry for butting in! But, I just admire your work A LOT plus you seem so nice and fun, and I would not like to see you get ripped off or anything...

  3. You're SUCH a super hero. Go Mummy Mummy Girl! To infinity and beyond... Oh wait. That's probably trademarked. Moving on. No violation intended.


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