Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It's a hair post people!

I spent a lovely few hours on Saturday becoming blonde again!! Hooray. 

I was a blonde naturally blonde child, a bleached blonde teen. 
I have been a redhead.
I have been a  purplehead (when I worked at Sizzler, there was a complaint that 'The purple haired girl touched her hair, then touched my plate. Apparently that was gross. I resigned not long after that...). 
I have had black hair. I have white hair.
I have had orange hair, yellow hair (clown wig yellow.... not good. Do not make your friends try and dye your red hair blonde in your bathroom sink. It will all end in tears.) 
I have had long hair, I have had short hair. 
I have had no hair. (I shaved my head for my first day of work after being promoted to manager. dumb ass.)
I have had good hair, and bad hair. I have been defined by my hair. I have mistreated and destroyed my hair. 
I am now a grown up lady and I have had grown up lady hair. 
And you know what? 

Hair is awesome. And it's no big deal. Do what you want with it. Dye it purple if you want. Get it all cut off- it will grow back. Wear a wig. Wear a hat. Do whatever you want. 
Have you had a hair disaster? Do you have your natural hair colour? Tell me about your hair!!!

Oh, and I am totally happy with my hair, despite the miserable look on my face in the 'after' pic. That is my rushing to get to work selfie face.


  1. I love the new do! I now have to dye my hair dark brown to cover the white hairs that are growing at a very fast speed! The only way to get the colour to take to those pesky whites is to visit my hairdresser every 6 weeks & spend a fortune! But, I love it & everyone has noticed how much "younger" I am looking! LOL

    1. Yep- grey/white hair sucks! sitting in the hair dressers, seeing them all glinting under the lights the other day, I was thinking- 'What the hell! I''m young... aren't i?!?!?'

  2. You're so gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you again this weekend. Wooooot.


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