Thursday, 21 June 2012

handing it down

 Over the weekend, my gorgeous Awesome Teenager passed a portion of his huge lego collection down to the twins. Max was a massive lego geek when he was younger, and there are tubs of it under our house, that have been waiting for the boys to be old enough to play with it.

And now they are.
Max got a little sentimental about the handing down.... and  I got a little teary. It was like a tangible, physical representation of the fact that all my boys are moving into new stages in their lives. Max is no longer a child. The twins are no longer babies... It makes me a little sad, but mostly proud. Then sad again. Then a bit hungry. Then tired.....
Max told the boys that a big part of playing with lego was putting it all back in the box when you are finished, so you don't lose any of it (or mummy doesn't suck it up in the vaccuum.....)
When they were done playing, Eli started bossing Jasper around, "OK, put the lego away now. Back in the box. Come on, Jasper." Awesome.
I am now planning on getting Jasper to teach Max how to put his clothes in the washing basket, seeing as they are passing on skills.
I love seeing the concentration on their faces as they play. They get lost in these little worlds that they create. One day they will be rocket scientists. Or ballet dancers. Or architects. Or whatever.
The awesome teenager did find a few bits that we wanted to keep... Han, Luke, Leia and Yoda might have made their way back to his room. Purely for sentimental reasons. And if he does play with them, I am sure it's ironically.
Eli has not been without a piece of lego within clutching distance since the weekend. Even when he is sleeping. Just like his big brother used to be.


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