Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Drawing the Photo a Day Week 1- Helping me get through.....

 I have really enjoyed this new challenge!!! All this drawing, and having a set task each day is really helping me with the process of weaning myself off the anti depressants I have been taking for the last few years. I'm in about week three of the process and it's a little tough some days. Drawing is a great way to calm my mind and help me cope with stress. I am looking forward to being medication free with a sketch book full of kick ass drawings under my arm!!!

Check out the Photo a Day goddess Fat Mum Slim and also B Being Cool who gave me the inspiration for drawing the challenge!!

Do you use art/craft/creativity to deal with stress or depression?


  1. I love the "in my head" one - all those gorgeous drawings just waiting to come out!

  2. I totally use all sorts of art, craft and creative pursuits to deal with personal highs and lows, just depends on what my soul is calling for and how I fulfill it.

  3. And they ARE kick ass drawings. Thanks so much for playing along and your beautiful email this week. You can do this! xx

    1. Chantelle, thank you so much for visiting! WHat an honour!!!


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