Saturday, 25 August 2012

Former Child Stars

There is a dude on that 'I Will Survive' show (you know, the Priscilla one, that, judging by Channel Ten's current form, will only last another 2 episodes) who's little onscreen caption thing states he is a 'Former Child Star'. Now, I have heard of everyone who has ever done anything on TV, film or amateur theatre, and I DO NOT KNOW THIS KID. On whose authority are you Former Child Star??? Not mine dude.

So, my kids were photographed with Olympian Sam Riley recently for the marketing campaign for the Sam Riley Swim School.

As this happened about a month ago now, will now be referring top them as Former Child Star Jasper and Former Child Star Eli.


  1. It's not Nathan from the original cast of Hi-5 that they're talking about Gillian? I saw his ugly mug pop up in an ad and nearly spat my coffee at the TV screen. That was at a time when my daughter, then about 2-3, was a big Hi-5 fan. He was hopeless then and nothing's changed.

    Anne xx

  2. No, Anne, it's some other guy. I totally agree about Nathan Foley though! And I find him being on that show kind of sad and pathetic. With his receding hairline, walking through the shrine he has to himself and Hi five in his home. Dude, you had your success- have some dignity and just shoosh!


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