Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Top Five: These pretzels are making me thirsty

Todays' Friday Tope Five is:
Seinfeld Episodes

Seinfeld is more than a show. It is part of my DNA. It is a huge contributor to our vernacular, the way we express ourselves. And its funny as, dude.

1) 'The Betrayal'
AKA: The Backwards Episode.
 Elaine takes George and Jerry to India for her frenemy Sue Ellen Miscke's wedding. George wont take his boots off. Elaine gets pissed. Kramer stays behind. His lollipop is an awesome prop for the backwars editing. Episode is in reverse. Ends with Jerry moving in eleven years earlier, telling Kramer, 'What's mine is yours' Big Mistake. Huge.

2) 'The Alternate Side'
Elaine dates an old guy who has a stroke. George is moving cars. Kramer is in a Woody Allen film- his line is "These pretzels are makin me thirsty'. The line become an answer to any frustrating or nervewracking situation

3) 'The Outing'
AKA Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Jerry and George pretend to be gay to trick an eavesdropper. It snowballs out of hand. It's Jerry's birthday. Elaine gets him Bette Midler CDs and George gets him tickets to 'Guys and Dolls'. "Isn't that a lavish Broadway musical?" "It's Guys and DOlls, not Guys and Guys!" Kramer gets him a piece of crap 2 line phone that makes the whole situation worse.

4) 'The Mom and Pop Store'
AKA Jon Voight's car.
George buys Jon Voight's Le Baron. Tim Whatley has a Thanksgiving Party. Last Stop Pottersville. Jerry's Sneakers are all stolen, leaving him only with cowboy boots. "But I don;t wanna be a cowboy!" Fantastic homage to Midnight Cowboy- Jerry and Kramer in the bus heading off to find stolen sneakers.

5) The Puerto Rican Day.
AKA The flag burning one
All get stuck in a Puerto Rican Day Parade. Elaine re enacts the Poseiden Adventure underneath the bleachers. Kramer stomps on the burning flag and angers the mean gay couple who previously stole Elaine's bureau in 'The Soup Nazi'. George is taunted by a laser pointer guy. Awesome meeting of wealthy industrialists H.E Pennypacker,  Art Vandaly (former potential latex salesman) and Kel Varnson in the apartment for rent. 'Who is watching the Saab factory!!!

OK, that was hard, but that was my Top Five Seinfeld Episodes.

What are your favourite Seinfeld episodes. How many Seinfeld references are still in your current vernacular?


  1. Oh gosh Gillian. You're making it hard. Seinfeld is my most favourite comedy show of all time too. I can relate every part of my life to a Seinfeld episode. Here's my favourite 5 at this very moment in time. It could be different tomorrow.

    1. "The Library" - Mr Bookman, Tropic of Cancer, can't standya, baked bean teeth, George & Jerry in the gym at high school, the librarian falling for Kramer. My favourite!

    2. "The Opposite" - Opposite George, 'even Steven' Jerry, loser Elaine, coffee table book on Regis & Kathy Lee by Kramer, Jake Jarmel in hospital, Elaine stopping for Jujyifruits.

    3. "The Face Painter" - all of the David Puddy episodes are great, "the Devils", Jerry's free hockey game tickets with no follow up call, Kramer dating zoo animal handler and Kramer fights with chimp, George's no return 'I love you'.

    4. "The Dealership" - Puddy is car salesman, Kramer takes salesman out until he runs out of petrol, George and the Twix candy bar out of the vending machine, 'high five'.

    5. "The Pen" - love when Jerry's parents are in episodes, pen that writes upside down given to Jerry by Jack Klompus, bar in the middle of Elaine's back on the fold out sofa bed, Elaine overdoses on muscle relaxants, Jack and Morty arguing over who had what at dinner.

    So many great episodes Gillian. I'm a huge fan.

    Anne xx

    1. Oh Anne- I like your list too!! Puddy Episodes are awesome- can't believe I missed them. The Dealership- definitely. Also- when Elaine and Puddy are coming back from holiday, breaking up, getting back together on the plane next to 'Vegetable Lasagne'

      Elaine on muscle relaxants- classic. 'Stella!!!!'


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