Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Poor Rosie

Love can be hard work. It can age you. It can turn you from a fluffy, white, beautiful bear (see below)
To a thin, manky, sucked on gross thing (see below)

Just check out that ear. Oh my lord.

I feel sorry for Rosie. She is literally being loved to death. Sometimes, I think about 'losing' her... To break the boys obsession with her, and also just to give her a bit of a break.....

I do love that the boys LLLOOOOVE something so passionately though. They may suck her ears, twiddle her tail, leave her in the garden and throw her off the balcony, but they also need her with them every night before they go to sleep.

Sometimes, I think me and Rosie have a bit in common...

Do your kids have a favourite toy?


  1. I had a blue teddy bear that I really loved - in fact I still have it in a bag in a cupboard high above anything that we actually use. K never really had any toy that she loved that much. She had a few teddies as my Gran always said a child needs a teddy bear and so I made sure she had one but she never particularly liked it very much !
    Have the best day - and be glad that they have Rosie to take to bed to save it being you every night !!!!

  2. Linda, my Awesome teenager had a blue bear called Dwight. Dwight and a donald duck doll were his very special friends. They are still on his shelf now and hes almost 17!!


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