Monday, 29 October 2012

Crappy Crafting

So, I am kinda, like an artist, or whatever. I'm kind of a big deal....**  

But, sometimes, I feel like a total craft mummy failure. I have knocked up a cardboard rocket in my time, I have made super hero capes, sure, but me and the boys certainly don't draw/ make/ craft every day. I read the hipster crafty mummy blogs and think, "Wow- that looks like a LOT of work. I have enough crap to clean up, let alone covering everything in GLITTER!"

SO, I embrace Crap Carfting. Easy Crafting. Not Super-Messy crafting!! (Who decided that the word 'Craft' was now a verb??? Why does everything have to be a verb now? Man, I am getting old...)

So, I think it's important to, firstly, acknowledge that it's OK to not be the most perfect mum in the world. In general. That is easy to say, but really hard to do. There are SOOOO many ways to put pressure on ourselves as mothers, so many guilt traps to push ourselves into. I am a walking manifestation of guilt about 20 hours per day. But I also know that it's not a frickin' competition. I am not being graded, or judged. Well, at least not until my kid are old enough to afford thier first psychologist.....

Anyway! Back to Crap Crafting with Tessiegirl!!!

All you need is:
Paper bags
Pens and crayons, 
Wooden spoons (or salad servers if you only have one wooden spoon and two children who don;t wanna share that wooden spoon)
Ribbon. Or tape. If you have tape.

- Draw a face on the paper bag
- Get your kids to colour the face in
- Put bag over wooden spoon
-Tie around neck with ribbon
- Let the puppetry ensue!

Are you Crappy Crafter?

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** TOTALLY said with tongue in cheek.... I am actually a HUGE deal...


  1. I am definitely the crappy crafter - I am totally useless at stuff like that ! A was better at making things with K than I ever was. Now I get to teach her how to cook and I can manage that OK but craft, no way !
    Have the best day !

  2. Hahahaha!! Love the idea of crap crafting - something I may be good at ... crap that is ;)
    Your super fast colouring dude is super cute ... and so is his brother!

  3. I'm not one for glitter and goop and messy stuff either.. that's just too much hard work! I don't mind a bit of painting with little ones, but that's normally reserved for outside, in Summer, in the nude (the kids - not me!)... so that at the end of the art session I can just hose them down! lol.
    I bet the boys loved making puppets and think that you're the coolest Mum EVER! xx

    1. From the original crappy crafter in your life, I now pass the baton totally on to you!!!

  4. That is not crappy that is inventive!!! Whilst I may love crafting and my kidlets (most of the time) I do not like the two together! my kid crafting consists of sticky tape, toilet paper rolls/whatever excess recycling boxes at the time and pencils/crayons and let them go!
    Stacey-Lee x

  5. Yep.. If that is what a 'Crap Crafter' is - I am in!

    I have managed to eek out a teaching career with no paint and no glue! How amazing is THAT!

    Love these puppets, we used to make these all the time as kids...


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