Saturday, 3 November 2012

Looking for otters

News just in: 
Life continues to be hard and crap. 
And then it is funny and beautiful.
Then sad and frustrating.
And then, 
you get to see some otters.
Otters make me ridiculously happy.
I am trying to look for the otters in each and everyday...
Little bits of awesome peeking out from behind the backs
Of all the hard work.

Have you seen any otters today?

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  1. I like otters more than beavers.

  2. I saw an otter today wearing a pink tutu flipper in hand with a monkey in a top hat at the zebra crossing today. True story for real.

    1. Ok maybe not wearing a tutu.......but you're laughing just a little bit at the visual aren't ya?

  3. Otters are so cute and clever, lying on thier backs cracking oysters with hard rocks. I can't let myself get overly warm and fuzzy over otters, because I watched Ring of Bright Water in primary school. All the feelings!!!! I'm traumatized. Ottertized.

  4. I love this post. Clever you. Find those otters baby, you're much too wonderful to have an otter free day. xo

  5. Just gorgeous. Otters are the cutest little critters, aren't they? This post has inspired me to look out for them a little more closely.


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