Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's Wallpaper, Baby!!


Spoonflower is now offering wallpaper! 
RED FLOWERS by Tessiegirl
I love that 'A Bunch of Guys' started out as a drawing for the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Challenge in August- the prompt was 'Faces'. The drawing challenges I am participating in have loosened me up so much and helped me create a huge body of work that is just waiting to be translated into other things! Awesome.

So these are my first two available wallpaper designs over in my Spoonflower shop. It costs $60 per roll (24" x 144") or you can buy it by a 24" x 12" swatch. And it's easily removable, totally original and awesome!!

All the other designs in my shop are still available on fabric, which can be purchased starting at $18 per yard.

I am going to get started on some Wall Decal designs, as they are quite different to a repeating wallpaper/ fabric design. 

Exciting times :-)

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  1. Those are so cool - I will definitely be visiting you if we decide to wallpaper a room - I LOVE them !
    Have the best day lovely lady !

    1. Thanks Linda! I have a desperate urge to wallpaper a room now!!! x x

  2. How freaking exciting!!! Congrats! Looks awesome! I want to wallpaper now, but hubby not a fan (on walls). May have to get a swatch to frame or do something clever with :)
    Stacey-Lee x

  3. Oh, I love the red flowers Gillian. Congratulations! Well done. How awesome are you? Go girl!

    Anne xx

  4. that is awesome - the red flowers is absolutely stunning!

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  6. Fantastic!! They look great! I look forward to the wall decal :))

  7. Love them Gil! They are just stunning.


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