Monday, 22 October 2012

work day....

Today I went to work. I got to paint things and move things. I sweated and got frustrated. I was inspired and challenged. I was creative and I worked with creatives. Sometimes it is work. Sometimes it is fun. Sometimes it is both.....

What did you work on today?

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  1. Not much at all have felt sick all day and achieved jack, very frustrating when I'm working on so much at the moment.

    The fourth pic has me confused!

  2. I do want to work where you do!

    Jos xx

  3. hee hee.. trude, they are little kid bendy mannequins hanging on a rail. I guess it does look a little odd :-)

  4. I want a wheelie bin like that - those are so cool !!!!! Wonder how council would feel if I painted outs (not that they would look anything like yours - they would definitely look like it was me who painted them !!)
    Have the best day !


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