Friday, 23 November 2012

The Awesome Almost Grown Up

Whoah. Just noticed that I haven't posted in 13 days. What the hey? Same old story, life, blah blah blah, busy, crap, big deal, no one cares that you haven't blogged, dumbass.

Anyhoo, one cool thing that happened in those 13 days:

My Teenager turned seventeen. I KNOW! I must have been 10 years old when I had him!! Someone call Today Tonight!!

The family got together at the local Mexican Restaurant to celebrate him. He is a lovely man. He is trying so hard to navigate this confusing time, and despite the drama and the chaos of late, I am pretty bloody proud of how he is managing. He is a special kid. I have to say that, I'm his mum. But ask anyone. He is Awesome.

I gave birth to this person when I was 21. The day he was born was two weeks before his due date. I was on the way to a summer barbeque. I was involved in a car crash, resulting in me being admitted to hospital, the baby going into distress, many things going wrong and a very unpleasant, traumatic birth experience. It took me a long time to get over that day....

But I got a baby. The most perfect baby. When most other things in my life seemed unstable and built on quicksand, this little boy and me were rock solid. He has always been unusual, unique and so very strong. He has navigated his way through the last seventeen years with a keen sense of humour, a definite sense of identity and (I hope) an enduring sense that he is loved. Always loved. Always supported. He has not always gotten it right. He has made questionable choices. But I will always be his cheerleader, his defender. I will always be on his side.

And how cute are he and his girlfriend? Answer: SUPER.

How do your teenager's birthdays make you feel? Old? Nostalgic? Hungry? Sleepy?

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