Saturday, 10 November 2012

Long Days and Pleasant Nights.......

UPDATE: The Stephen King Universe Flowchart (including The Dark Tower Series) has been updated and can be found here


So, Stephen King people. I have a confession to make. You were right. I was wrong. 

Roland's Ka Tet by Glockgirl
What was I thinking? Such a rookie move. 

I am moments away from completing the 7th and final Dark Tower book (I know, I know, there is still Wind Through the Keyhole, but that's really kind of book 4.5 isn't it? I'm sure someone will correct me :-) I am in the planning stage of the mammoth task of updating the Stephen King Universe Flowchart to include the Dark Tower series. Look at me, giving the people what they want! I have about 10 books/ short stories to add and about 30 new characters. Yeah man.

I can't wait to share the finished chart- it will be huge and crazy and I'm sure it will make some people think I need to go back on my meds (Too late! I already did!) 

It may also make some people say, "OMG, that is sooo, like lame. I went to college. I can read books without a stupid chart." "I know right?" (This is almost and actual transcript of some comments over on another site that featured the flow chart. Hee Hee. I like to think the two commenters were Valley Girls from the Eighties. I wish one of them had said, "No Dark Tower? Like, gag me with a spoon!")

Reading the DT series has reinforced my respect and love for Stephen King's fabulous universe. Dudes, there are totally other worlds than these.....

Stay Tuned. 

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  1. You're just cool in copious amounts.

  2. You are awesomely cool! There is no way this is lame!

  3. you also forgot Duma Key

  4. Just found your Stephen King Flowcart (The one minus TDK connections) and thought, 'What about the Dark Tower connections!' and then found this post. I'm loving your blog so far. Keep it up!

  5. The Dark Tower Encyclopedia by Robin Furth might be of assistance in completing your final chart. I've wanted to do something similar but all his stories are so intertwined. Especially once you add the Tower series into it.

  6. I can't wait to see this finished flow chart. Have to have this on my wall!

  7. I can't wait to see this finished flow chart. Have to have this on my wall!

  8. Awesome. are THE awesome. I'm on Dark Tower #4 and am totally in love with your flowcharts.

  9. Cannot wait to see it! You're awesome!

  10. That IS a big task, The Dark Tower is the story that ties most of the other books together. Father Callahan, Randall Flagg, Who was that little boy in Insomnia? A bunch of others that escape me before I've had my coffee :-) I love the flow chart! King's work is sort of like my hideaway, my secret world I can go to and take a little break from life's pressures, and it seems I'm not alone! I think The Dark Tower is his masterpiece, and I appreciate the effort your putting into this.

  11. Tessiegirl, I love the chart and I think its very cool that you will be doing one including the Dark Tower series. However, make sure you keep the original chart (with all the corrections that have made). The DT series links all other books - so to see how the other books interconnect without DT is even more fascinating to me.

    Re-reading the Stand now for the first time since its first release in 1978, it's interesting to see how it connects to later books (I'm reading the longer, 1990, version on my Kobo).

  12. I cannot wait to see the Flow Chart with DT included... I want it as a big poster to hang in my office... Any way that we might can get a version big enough to print as a 24x36?? I love the current King flow chart, and am anxiously awaiting the updated version!

  13. How about the Dark Tower graphic novels? Not really written by Mr King, but still fantastic stuff.

  14. Eeeeeeeeeep, just found out that about your original chart and that you're adding DT references to the flow and that is AWESOME! They're some of my favorite of his. ^.^ Keep up the cool work, chica! Thankee sai.-KMT

  15. Thank you for your passion and hard work...very cool...and thanks for adding Dark Tower series...they are so integral to King's all around writing. Roland and his ka-tet feel like family to me!

  16. it took me a minute but I finally finished the whole DTS and give total props to anyone who waited for each to come out. I mean HELL I went crazy not being able to read fast enough!! this is the coolest chart I've seen yet. thank you for your time and effort and thankee sai for all the hard work!!! lal

  17. Awesome chart!!!! I've just started to read Dr. Sleep and love finding the links between the books.

    How about an extension to include other peoples work that includes references to SK's books? I haven't read any of his sons but apparently they do link in. I also came across a book on Amazon called Discoredia where the nightclub of the title takes its name from the Castle Discordia of the DT books.

    Once again - awesome chart! Going to study it more in case I spot anything else that you might want to add.

  18. Wow!! Really cool design and looking funny. Thanks clipping path service


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