Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Come to Maleny and empty your hands

Thanks 488! I think she may be the Mayor….

SO! Hey Blog! How are you?? I have missed you HEAPS! You don't have to say you have missed me… don't feel weird.

I am now coming to you from the gorgeous mountain town that is Maleny, Qld. We have left the Big Smoke (well, it was Brisbane, so maybe the Medium Smoke) to become Mountian Folk. And I COULD NOT be any freakin' happier! There are cows out the window!

Life has changed a lot in the last few months. I lost my blogging mojo. Mostly, due to the fact the My Lovely Husband was headhunted by a large international computer company. There was a LOT I couldn't say about that. So, it's hard to Blog about your life, when you can't talk about your life, you know?

Shit got really hard and complicated. 

When I worked in Visual Merchandising, I would sometimes find that I would be trying to do something, like unpack a box, or put out some catalogues, or something, and I would be holding something else in my hand. Usually a box cutter. So, I need the box cutter for the task, and I don't wanna put it down, cos I'll probably lose it. I have no  pockets, so I've gotta keep this thing in my hand. Its important. But keeping it in my hand makes doing the actual task that Im trying to do so much harder.

I often think this is an analogy for my life. I am always trying to keep the important things in my hand while I'm trying to do all the other jobs, or situations and experiences in life that I have to do. It's making everything harder. But I don't wanna put the important things down. But I have to do the task…. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, during that time, both Gav and I had about ten things each that we were holding in our hands and the tasks and jobs we were trying to do just got harder and harder.

We were literally almost strangled by red tape. To cut a long boring, depressing story short, due to very complicated Visa/ Internet/ Blah Blah Blah issues, Lovely Husband and Big International Jerk Company parted ways. 

All of a sudden, we are no longer moving to the USA, we are about to sell our house, and I am the Breadwinner! Crazy.

The Universe (most of the time) kinda gives you what you really want. I was extremely disappointed for Gav, and so proud of how he conducted himself during those weeks, but I was also very relieved that I was not going to have to live on the other side of the planet. I was not going to have to leave my Awesome Teenager behind, I was not going to have to be away from my parents or my sister. All the fears and anxiety I had been kind of pretending I wasn't feeling were suddenly alleviated. Thanks Universe.

Now, we are living with Mum and Dad (until we find a house) in this beautiful little town. We are five minutes from my sister. The boys are loving living in the country. My Lovely Husband is getting heaps of freelance work. I have a job, I am still selling Stephen King posters and have started painting again. I might join an Art Gallery group. Or a choir. My Awesome Teenager and his Awesome Girl are not too far away and they are starting their own story together.

Now, I am not holding a box cutter, or anything else that is making my tasks harder. I am empty-handed.

Life is pretty awesome sometimes, you know?

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  1. Welcome and good luck house-hunting. Check Sweet Chilli Choir. And if you haven't already, upfrontclub.org co-op social club where I have the pleasure of booking and presenting music. It's worth having a google alert for 'Maleny'.

    1. hey nice post meh. I like your style of writing. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog titled How Are You Spending Your Remaining Days? .
      keep up the good work.


  2. Hey Danny,
    Thanks! I will check out Sweet Chilli and the Up Front site. Love the Up Front!!

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