Thursday, 9 January 2014

I'm talkin' 'bout Boys (yeah, yeah, Boys)*

My boys. 
1, 2 and 3.
One big one, and two little ones.
Maximus Prime, Eli Schmeeli and Jasper Lou Lou.
The last few months have seen some big changes for all three.
The Big One. My Awesome Teenager. He left school, left home, started work, and turned 18. He grew up a little more. He went to the Formal. He continued to love and be loved by his Awesome Girl.
He made me smile and he made me miss him. He is funny and intuitive and loyal and unique.

I look at his manly, grown up face and can't wait to see the life he (and his Awesome Girl) will carve out. I hope it is a nice one. They deserve all the fantastic-ness that is available.
My Little ones. My monkeys. So different, so identical. 

They can't wait to start their new school. They love living in the country. They love being Super Heroes. They love each other. Their imaginations are vast and unusual. Their words are hilarious and profound. They are kind and crazy and clever and fearless.

I hope they will always be as enthusiastic and passionate about life as they are right now.

I am a Maker of Boys (yeah, yeah, Boys). And I am happy with my work.

* 'Boys' by The Beatles (vocals by Ringo Starr) from the album Please Please Me
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