Friday, 3 June 2011

Me and Mrs. Janome

We got a thing.... going on......
Me and Mrs. Janome have been busy! I tackled a Tessie Messenger bag last night-
I'm pretty happy with it. 
I used our green flower Spoonflower fabric and one of  my girls.
I like all the different textures- the velvet, the upholstery fabric, the ribbons

I made this one for my very good friend Linda. (shhh, don't tell her!)
She and her little boys were really the inspiration
for my recent fascination with Owls. I made clay owls with them one day last year,
and have been hooked on Owls ever since!
And she is such an amazing supporter of everything I do...
and have done for the last 20 years!

This whole sewing caper is making me happy.

X Gillian for Tessie Designs

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  1. just found your site....awsome!!!!! keep it up..lovin it!


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