Saturday, 30 July 2011

Coffee and Shameless Self Promotion.....'s Fabric of the Week competition theme this week is 'Coffee'. Being married to the Coffee Man, I have a little bit of a soft spot for the subject!

(And, oh my goodness, in other news, Coffee Man's Coffee Machine is broken!! He wanders around the house looking lost and confused... mumbling ... bumping into stuff... He is out at the moment, and I really hope he comes back with a goddamn Coffee Machine... before I Google 'Coffee Suppository'....)


SO, go check out my design, and if you reeeeeeealllyy wanted to be totally awesome, you could sign up for Spoonflower, go to the Contest Page and VOTE FOR ME!!! I'll be your best friend.... I'll even get my Coffee Man to make you a coffee with his new Coffee Machine!

Coffee Flowers
Coffee Flowers Fabric Design by 
The Spoonflower Competition is open for voting until Wednesday.

x Gillian for Tessie Designs

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