Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Giftiness

My bestest customer this Christmas has been my Sally. Some of her purchases were off the rack (or out of the Craft Cupboard) and some were custom orders.
I love to be challenged and pushed into new areas when fulfilling a brief for a customer, so I was super excited to tackle this apron and try a few new techniques.
My Sewing Yoda (Mum) was out socialising, so she is sacked. You Tube is my new Sewing Mummy*. 

But, come on, how many videos does the world really need on gathering???Apparently A. LOT.

Sal also ordered a clutch bag for her Mum. I am really happy with how it came out and I think it's the best one of these I have made. 
(Trumpet-blowing over.)
(For now :-)

Thanks for being as awesome customer Sal and I hope your peeps like their Tessie Gifts!!!

X Gillian

*I haven't really sacked Mum. She wishes!! She is still my Go-To girl for all sewing, toddler, cooking, life, universe, related queries. Always.

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