Saturday, 17 December 2011

Kylie dressed up as Miley?

As we prepared to go Christmas shopping this morning (yes, we are insane going to a Shopping Centre a week before Christmas), I said to The Awesome Teenager, 
"Does this dress look too young for me, Mate?"
"...Um .... maybe... a bit?" he replied, with that male look of terror in his eye, flinching as he waited for my response.
 No, I didn't go medieval on his ass, (I asked the question and always want an honest answer from the males in my house) but as I changed into what I deemed as a more age appropriate outfit, I started to wonder,
"What is too old?"
"What is 'Age-Appropriate'?"
"Is it creepy for a 37year old to wear a baby doll dress?"

It's not like I dress like Brynne Edelsten...

(Who I think is supercute, by the way. And I could give her a run for her (husband's) money if I had a corset like that too!!)

With age I have learned to tame the bosoms, lower the hem and the platform heel, but sometimes I wonder if I have crossed some invisible threshold from cute and edgy to middle aged and embarrassing. Are people pointing and giggling? Am I making The Awesome Teenager cringe?

But, then I think... So What?! I don't feel 37. I don't think I act 37... 

But what is 37? Who gets to say who I should be at this age, or any other? Who gets to say what I should wear or how I should feel comfortable.... Answer? 

I figure as long as I don't look like Whitney dressed up as Britney, or Kylie dressed up as Miley, I'm good.

Oh, and I most definitely want someone to take me aside for a stern talking to if I ever start to look like and elderly woman playing the lead in a production of Annie.....

What do you think about 'Age Appropriate' dressing? 

x gillian


  1. I like your dress and think you look awesome! Definitely not too old for it :)

  2. 37 is not middle aged Gilly! You're at your peak baby - go for it!

  3. Of course you can wear a baby doll dress and platforms at the same time! Until my back gives and my knees have been replaced twice.....then and only then may I consider giving up the things that make me smile and put a spring in my step! Funny having a girl as an Awesome teenager, I would have asked her the same question. Her responce always...that is sooo cool Mum!

  4. Thanks Amy! And Marg- I think I'm on the down hill side of that peak!!

    Anonymous- that's so funny- if I had a girl Awesome Teenager we would probably share our clothes! Your girl does sound awesome!!


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