Sunday, 15 April 2012


So, I am thinking about Jobs.

I guess my current job is Stay at Home Mum (and superstar) to my little monkeys. Which I love. I am so lucky to be able to spend this time with the boys. Financially, it can be a huge struggle, but we have made it this far! I know staying at home vs working mums can be a touchy subject. My view on that is- Do whatever you want. I don't judge what YOU do- I support you as a woman and a mum to make the choices you see as right for your children and family. And I would hope that you don't judge what I do. Let's just stop judging each other as women and mothers and start acting like frickin' sisters, like we are supposed to. OK? Good.

Anyway, back to Jobs.

(Because I am childish and immature, I still kinda giggle a bit when I hear the words Job. Job. Hee Hee)

I used to think I could never GET a fulfilling, good job because I had dropped out of Uni then had a child very young. I knew I could draw and paint, but it has always seemed like an uphill struggle to create a JOB out of paint and canvas and my own two hands.

I started working in a department store. I started as a casual Christmas Gift Wrapper in 1997, moved through departments and stores and by 2005 I was an Assistant Operations Manager. I loved that store. I loved my job. 
Then my role was canned, our store was sold and I had to start over in a new location. Sucky.

I moved into a new role. Have you ever had a job in HR? DON'T. EVER. People are jerks. The End. Man, I hated that Job.

Although, there are WAAAY worse jobs. I went to the Podiatrist the other day. As he cut the gross alligator-like skin from my feet, and I noticed the bits of that dead skin flicking and flying around the room, I thought, "You seem like a normal guy. Why would you want to do THIS! Little pieces of my foot skin are in your hair, dude. Think about that."

Back to me. In 2006 I was saved from rosters and mean staff members by a new Job. I became a Visual Merchandiser. I liked it heaps. I painted walls, dressed mannequins and hung out with cool chicks.  I was creatively inspired, which led to me growing as an artist outside of work too. Good Times. I didn't define myself by my job- I  was still going to be an world famous artist and a teenage rockstar when I grew up. But it was a Good Job.
The boys at my old store today. I didn't get big horses to play with though. Jealous.
The I had my little monkeys. And my whole future changed. 

I wonder what my 'Job' will be in that future? Can I say, when people ask me what I do,

"I am a Blogger."
"I am an Artist"
"I am a Designer"
"I am a Writer"
(Hey, aren't some of those the words on your header? I think you ALREADY can say you are those things)
(Thanks Inner Voice. You are awesome.)
And I am a kick ass mum and wife.

I think it's important to feel validated and valued as a contributor to both society and your family. Whether that is through a conventional-type job, where you get dressed up in the morning and drive somewhere to do something, or these less defined roles which can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding that you can do while wearing pajamas.

But, you know what? I'm still working it out. I still kinda think I could be a teenage rockstar.... Does it matter that I am 37? No. No it doesn't.

What about you? Have you got the whole JOB thing worked out?

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  1. I am 38 and I still don't have the whole 'job thing' sorted. The job I have been doing for the last 9 years is not the job I planned on doing. I kind of fell into the corporate world of banking.
    I'd always planned on being a songwriter and an actress. I still dream for those things, and I get to do them, but not for money.

    It's interesting your post is about this topic because I have been thinking about the next chapter. I am working on a plan, which involves study and a change.

    Best wishes on the job hunting. I hope you find somthing wonderful. I'm sure you will :-))


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