Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sydney Writer's Centre Best Blog Competition

This is my 161st blog post. I have been blogging for just over a year.

So, I thought it ould be an awesome time to ask all of my lovely readers to....

Vote for me in the People's Choice category of the Sydney Writers Centre Best Blogs Competition.
 Click on the button below to go to the voting page. I am on page 5 as TESSIEGIRL.

People's Choice Award

Reasons to vote for me:
1: Because I asked you to.
2: Because you are  lovely and smell like cinnamon.
3: Because you need to earn some good karma points after punching all those kittens.
4: Because you are very obedient.
5: Because you enjoy reading my blog.
6: Because you know what a blog is.
7: Because you are my mum.
8: Because you owe me a favour. Remember that $50 I lent you? No? 
9: Because you want to support Queensland bloggers.
10: Because I asked you to.

While you are there, keep your eye out some of Queensland's other awesome bloggers (Suger Coat It, Five Little Reasons, Sew Cook Laugh & Live just to name a few), who are also entered and send a vote their way too!!

You can also share on twitter via the hashtag #bestblogs2012

Blogging is the new frontier of media and communication. Get on board, baby.
People's Choice Award

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