Friday, 18 May 2012

Six Degrees of Jason Schwartzman....

So, of course, this flow chart does not include every film of actor you may want it to, but it does contain all the connections my brain offered up. I believe I've captured all the connections for the people and films on the chart. Obviously, it is coloured by my preference for comedies and for particular directors. I guess I could have jumped off into a different, more dramatic chart by following a Francis Ford Coppola-Rober Deniro- Martin Scorsese kinda path. But, sorry Marty, you didn't make the cut... except for Taxi Driver... Are you talkin' to me????

Kevin Bacon is so last century. Jason Schwartzman is the new Kevin Bacon. He was the start, and I guess you could connect everyone on the chart back to him. (Including my lovely husband... and me...)

Apologies if the text is a bit small in some areas- I could spend the rest of my life tweaking and altering this chart, but I told myself that TODAY I WILL LET IT GO!

So, I hope someone out there enjoys this as much as I enjoyed making it. I know as soon as I hit 'publish' I will think of another ten connections.... but that's Art isn't it?  It could always evolve further and it's never really finished....


  1. OMG - Gilly I hope you are resting - Love Aunty M xo

  2. Holy cow! I'm voting you're mad. But in a fun, kinda cool sort of way. ;)

  3. Jason Schwartzman IS the new Kevin Bacon! This is beautimous.

  4. Well I thought your Stephen King flowchart was amazing but this beats all. That's quite an achievement; it dazzles me.

    So I'll quit nosing around your very amusing blog for there's so much more out there and I should also get some work done. Wish you all the best.

    Regards, Robert

  5. OMG it's Scarlett Johansson and not Johanssen. How can you do that to my wife ? :'(


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