Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Top Five: Advertising Catchphrases

I love it when advertising catchphrases/ slogans  become part of the public's vernacluar. These little nuggets that wedge themselves in our subconsciouness', and before we know it, they are just part of our lives. The point is to create an association, so that every time we say "Like a sunrise" we are subconsciously re-seeing the Aami Ad. I think we often forget the ad they came from in the first place, and the saying itself becomes the 'product'. Which is the total opposite of the intention, I guess.

 SO, here's my list of little ear worms...

1) "Not Happy Jan" 
Telstra Yellow Pages. That one was everywhere. That ad aired between 2000 and 2003 AND PEOPLE STILL SAY IT!

2) "That'll be the phone , Reg" *
This was a Telstra one too. Old couple on the porch and wife says the line. I think there were others in the series, but this one was the one that stuck. Although, it kinda fits in one of my most hated Advertising ctegories- The Idiot Husband ads. There were a rash of ads a few years ago that all followed the same brief- Wife Rolls Eyes at Idiot husband. The End. Lazy, insulting advertising makes me wanna punch someone.

3) "Sic 'em, Rex" 

Very eighties, this one. The girl in the ad was the darling of Dolly magazine- constant cover model. It was  bit naughty and very suggestive, but when I was a teenager, I just thought Rex the anteater was cute.

4) "G-O-GG-O"
I love that dude. Who doesn't love impersonating his accent???? Do it now. It will cheer you up. Let's do it together... G-O-GG-O. Awesome.

5) "O Kono No!" "He says he doesn't know..." 

This was a John West tuna ad. From 1987. It's one of those little hangers on that I still say, and until today, probably couldn't have told you where it came from. Well played, John West. Well Played.

I am totally showing my age here!!

My mum does still say "Drink it, Freddie!" Which was a Nestles Quick ad from 1970!!!! In Black and White!! Hmmmm..... I wonder what the OLDEST catchphrase that is still in the vernacular is?

What are your favourite ad catchphrases?

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* I can't find a single image or video of this ad on the whole interwebz! What's that about??? If anyone can find it, i'll give you a million dollars. I won't really... ask my husband. I owe him, like, 47 million dollars. He thinks I am good for it. I am totally not.


  1. I've got a couple that are probably before your time Gillian.

    1. "You're soaking in it." Palmolive dishwashing detergent

    2. "Ooh, it does get in." Mrs Marsh Colgate toothpaste

    3. "It puts a rose in every cheek." Vegemite

    4. "You need more. You need my Palmolive Gold." Palmolive Gold soap.

    5. "Come to where the flavour is." Marlboro cigarettes

    Gold, pure gold!

    Anne xx

    1. Anne- you are totally on my wavelength yet again!!

      You're soaking in it and Mrs Marsh nearly made the cut! I remember 'Don't wait to be told- You need Palmolive Gold' too. I also almost put it- "Clayton's- The drink you're having when you're not having a drink'.
      x x

  2. Hahahaha!! I remember those! I tend to remember the songs attached to ads. I can still sing the Flake chocolate ad. The one with the beautiful white clad lady under a tree. "No other chocolate looks like flake looks, no other chocolate tastes like flake tastes........"

    1. I remember that one too! Although that song always remnded me of the 'Lifelin' ad...'Help is as close as a telephone, life-Line'

  3. In South Africa we had an ad for Cremora (coffee creamer) "It's not inside, it's - on - top" - we still use it sometimes at home !
    Have a great day and thanks for the memories some of these brough back.

    1. My husband says stuff from English ads still and I have NO IDEA what he's talking about!

  4. I still say Oh Kono No, I had no idea where it came from! I also say 'Don't wait to be told' (but I never add you need palmolive gold)
    I can sing the Clarke Rubber jingle, and I notice they have just started re using it!

  5. LOL, love this, so remember these adds.

    For me, it was the "Let me in, Sean, Let me in!" colgate add, since my sister was marrying a Sean and there's nothing more fun for a little sister than to annoy big sister's fionce. ;-)

  6. I have also been looking for the Reg Advert - please post up if you have found it!

  7. That'll be the phone Reg.
    I even wound up the winch.

  8. Mr Wong, Mr Wong, I've lost all my travellers cheques !!

  9. That'll be the phone Reg ... took a bloody long time for someone to upload.
    2009 - "How is it possible that we can find archive Vegemite ads on YouTube, and yet that icon of the Australian vernacular, "that'll be the phone Reg", seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth?"


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